Business Fiber TV

Phonoscope’s business-ready, fiber-delivered TV offers offices, retail outlets, hospitality, restaurants and bars, airports and other businesses access to full, rich IPTV with a 400+ television channel lineup and a range of business-specific packages—all with competitive pricing.

Business Fiber Phones

Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions offer multiple phone options for your growing business, ranging from standard phone systems to next-gen unified communications, all built with unparalleled reliability and voice quality.

Business Fiber Internet

Support your cloud strategies, multilocation and distributed workforces, and digital transformation with lightning-fast internet offering Gigabit speeds up to 100 times faster than traditional broadband.

Phonoscope’s pure fiber, fully redundant rings support next-generation, cloud-ready strategies, digital transformation and convergence, and blindingly fast data transfer. Our network also delivers business solutions like fully hosted VoIP with premium phones, Dynamically Allocated SIP trunking, the Phonoscope LightCar two-way visual communication application for connecting multiple locations and remote offices, IP television with business channel line-ups, and more. With up to 400Gbps symmetrical speeds and unbeatable reliability, we are the state-of-the-future platform for finding differentiation, streamlining operations and executing on enterprise strategy. Every solution we build is customized for your specific business needs, and backed by award-winning, white-glove customer service.

Our network is a private and pure 100% fiber infrastructure comprised of silica glass that uses light to transmit the data. Silica glass is made from sand – an inexhaustible resource that uses far less energy and creates far less pollution to manufacture than the extraction of copper from its ore.
Phonoscope Fiber’s business fiber generally consumes less energy than traditional broadband technologies. Our gigabit active Ethernet and optical wavelength network layers are built for energy efficiency, which means more efficiency for your business.

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